The hindu analysis pdf free notes 22 June 2023

The hindu analysis pdf free notes 22 June 2023

The Hindu analysis Free PDF is considered to be the best and reliable news paper for compatation preparation, so many aspirants prefer it the most for current affairs.

In the current affairs coming in the Hindu newspaper, national and international news is asked a lot in UPSC, statePCS, SSC, CGL etc., that’s why the students of UPSC, statePCS, SSC, CGL consider The Hindu as a good source.

That’s why our team has thoroughly analyzed the important news coming in The Hindu for the preparation aspirant and upload the pdf and analysis of The Hindu with the correct notes. So that you can prepare well for your exam.

You will also get help from this pdf notes in the preparation of questions asked in UPSC exam like prelims, GS-1 & 2, still if you will be provided the complete news paper in pdf form for free.

You can also read and download the pdf file and analysis given here, which can also benefit you in the upcoming exam.

The hindu analysis pdf free notes 22 June 2023

1- International Day of Yoga 2023

On June 21, several activities and initiatives were held all around the nation to commemorate the 9th International Day of Yoga (IDY).

Key Point

  • Yoga and its Significance
  • Promoting Tribal Artisans
  • Ocean Ring of Yoga
  • Yoga from the Arctic to Antarctica
  • Yoga Bharatmala and Yoga Sagarmala
  • National Level Initiatives

2- Global Gender Gap Report

The WEF originally released it in 2006.
It compares 156 nations’ advancements in four areas towards gender parity

Key Point

  • India’s Position
  • World Economic Forum
  • Some major reports published by WEF

3- What is the Status of India-Russia Trade Ties?

India and Russia had total bilateral trade valued at USD 13 billion in 2021–2022 and USD 8.14 billion in 2020–2021, respectively.

Russia has moved up from 25th place in 2021 to become India’s seventh-largest trading partner.

Key Point

  • What are the Concerns Related to Bilateral Trade?
  • Factors Causing Trade Imbalance

4- PM Gati Shakti Scheme

to make sure that infrastructure projects are planned and executed in an integrated manner over the course of the next four years, with an emphasis on accelerating ground-level work, cutting costs, and generating jobs.

Key Point

  • About the Scheme

5- Strengthening India-Nepal Cooperation

During the four-day visit of Nepal’s prime minister to India, India and Nepal recently launched a number of initiatives and agreements designed to further their bilateral cooperation in the areas of energy and transport development, intending to deepen connections and promote regional connectivity.

Key Point

  • Major Highlights of Recent Agreement
  • Transport Development
  • Other Initiatives
  • Other Areas of Cooperation Between India and Nepal
  • Defence Cooperation
  • Cultural Cooperation
  • China’s Rising Footprints

6- Sedition Law

When parliamentarians in 17th-century England felt that only positive ideas of the government should endure because negative opinions were harmful to the government and monarchy, sedition laws were passed.

Key Point

  • Historical Background of Sedition Law
  • Section 124A IPC
  • Punishment for the Offence of Sedition
  • Issues With Sedition Law
  • Stand of Constituent Assembly
  • Recent Developments

7- What are Heat Waves?

A heat wave is a period of unusually high temperatures that lasts longer than the summertime maximum temperature in India’s North-Western and South Central regions.

Key Point

  • What is the Impact of these Heat Waves?
  • Labour Productivity Loss

8- Lake Victoria

Its borders with Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya are in East Africa.
In Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, it is also known by the names Victoria Nyanza, Nalubaale, and Ukerewe.

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