The hindu analysis pdf free notes 20 June 2023

The hindu analysis pdf free notes 20 June 2023

The Hindu analysis Free PDF is considered to be the best and reliable news paper for compatation preparation, so many aspirants prefer it the most for current affairs.

In the current affairs coming in the Hindu newspaper, national and international news is asked a lot in UPSC, statePCS, SSC, CGL etc., that’s why the students of UPSC, statePCS, SSC, CGL consider The Hindu as a good source.

That’s why our team has thoroughly analyzed the important news coming in The Hindu for the preparation aspirant and upload the pdf and analysis of The Hindu with the correct notes. So that you can prepare well for your exam.

You will also get help from this pdf notes in the preparation of questions asked in UPSC exam like prelims, GS-1 & 2, still if you will be provided the complete news paper in pdf form for free.

You can also read and download the pdf file and analysis given here, which can also benefit you in the upcoming exam.

The hindu analysis pdf free notes 20 June 2023

1- Government Reduces Import Duty on Refined Edible Oils

By lowering the import tax on refined soybean and sunflower oils, the Indian government has made a considerable effort to address the concerns about the availability and cost of edible oils. With immediate effect, the import tariff has been reduced from 17.5% to 12.5%.

Key Point

  • Place in Country’s Economy
  • Types of Oils Commonly Used in India
  • Related Government Initiative

2- Meitei Community

Following a solidarity march planned by a tribal students’ association to resist the demand for Scheduled Tribe (ST) designation by a portion of the state’s mostly Meitei community, tensions recently flared out in numerous areas of Manipur.

Key Point

  • About Meitei Community
  • What is Yaoshang Festival?

3- National Security Act, 1980

In preventive detention, a person is detained (contained) to prevent them from committing new offences or from eluding prosecution in the future.

Key Point

  • Gives Power to the Government
  • No Basic Rights to People Detained under the NSA, including
  • What is the National Security Council (NSC)?
  • Criticism of the National Security Act

4- Demand for Including Ladakh under Sixth Schedule

GS Paper – 2

Indian Constitution

Government Policies & Interventions

Recently, a request was made in the Parliament to add the Union Territory (UT) of Ladakh to the Constitution’s Sixth Schedule in order to protect the local population’s access to land, employment opportunities, and cultural identity.

Key Point

  • Need of Inclusion in Sixth Schedule
  • NCST Recommendation
  • Reasons Behind the Recommendation
  • Difficulty Behind Ladakh’s Inclusion


NABARD is a development organisation that mostly works with rural areas of the nation. The apex banking organisation is responsible for financing rural and agricultural development.

6- Rock Art

On natural stone, ancient human marks, paintings, and sculptures are known as “rock arts.”

Key Point

  • Prehistoric Rock Paintings
  • Upper Paleolithic Paintings
  • Upper Palaeolithic Paintings
  • Mesolithic Paintings
  • Bhimbetka Rock Paintings
  • Chalcolithic Paintings

7- India’s Cyclone Preparedness

Gujarat and parts of Rajasthan were both affected by Cyclone Biparjoy, an extremely powerful cyclonic cyclone. Only two people died as a result, although there was severe damage to the infrastructure, injuries, and livestock mortality.

Key Point

  • What are the General Mitigation and Preparedness Measures Against Cyclone?
  • Engineered Structures
  • Plantation of Mangroves
  • Community Participation

8- United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is a global organisation that works to save lives, uphold human rights, and create a brighter future for refugees, stateless persons, and communities that have been forcibly displaced.

9- Gulf of California

The eastern Pacific Ocean’s Gulf of California, commonly known as the Sea of Cortez, is a sizable inlet that runs along Mexico’s northwest coast.

Key Point

  • Geography
  • Islands

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