The hindu analysis pdf free notes 18 June 2023

The hindu analysis pdf free notes 18 June 2023

The Hindu analysis Free PDF is considered to be the best and reliable news paper for compatation preparation, so many aspirants prefer it the most for current affairs.

In the current affairs coming in the Hindu newspaper, national and international news is asked a lot in UPSC, statePCS, SSC, CGL etc., that’s why the students of UPSC, statePCS, SSC, CGL consider The Hindu as a good source.

That’s why our team has thoroughly analyzed the important news coming in The Hindu for the preparation aspirant and upload the pdf and analysis of The Hindu with the correct notes. So that you can prepare well for your exam.

You will also get help from this pdf notes in the preparation of questions asked in UPSC exam like prelims, GS-1 & 2, still if you will be provided the complete news paper in pdf form for free.

You can also read and download the pdf file and analysis given here, which can also benefit you in the upcoming exam.

The hindu analysis pdf free notes 18 June 2023

1- African Union

The 55 member states that make up the nations of the African Continent make up the African Union (AU), a continental organisation.

Key Point

  • Formation
  • What has the African Union Achieved in 20 Years?
  • Diplomatic Achievement
  • Women’s Economic Financial Inclusion
  • Unconstitutional Hold on Power
  • Common Geo-Political Interests
  • Economic Cooperation
  • Support in Fight Against Covid-19

2- Monkeypox

GS Paper – 2


GS Paper – 3

It is a viral zoonotic disease (transmission from animals to people) known as monkeypox because it is a pox-like illness among monkeys. It is widespread in Nigeria.

Key Point

  • Outbreaks
  • Symptoms
  • Treatment and Vaccine

3- Skyglow: Light Pollution

The Skyglow is a blanket of light that blankets the night sky in and around cities, obscuring all but the brightest stars.

Key Point

  • Light Pollution
  • Components of light pollution include
  • Disrupting the ecosystem and wildlife
  • Harming human health

4- Urban Heat Islands

India is now suffering extreme heat waves in numerous regions. Cities and urban regions typically have greater temperatures than rural ones. The term “Urban Heat Island” is used to describe this phenomena.

Key Point

  • What is an Urban Heat Island?
  • Why are Cities Hotter than Rural Areas?
  • What are the Causes of Urban Heat Island?
  • How can Urban Heat Islands be Reduced?

5- Diabetes

Diabetes is a Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) that develops when the pancreas either produces insufficient amounts of the hormone insulin, which controls blood sugar or glucose, or when the body cannot properly use the insulin that is produced.

Key Point

  • Types of Diabetes
  • What Factors Exacerbate the Condition?
  • What are the Treatments?
  • What are Related Initiatives?
  • Global Diabetes Compact

6- India-US: The High Tech Boost

The introduction of the iCET project, which stands for “initiative on Critical and Emerging Technology,” strengthened the strategic alliance between India and the US.

Key Point

  • Industrial cooperation
  • Fighter jet engine production in India
  • Against the rising and assertive China
  • Reducing dependence on Russia

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