The hindu analysis pdf free notes 11 June 2023

The hindu analysis pdf free notes 11 June 2023

The Hindu newspaper is considered to be the best and reliable news paper for compatation preparation, so many aspirants prefer it the most for current affairs with analysis (The hindu analysis pdf).

In the current affairs coming in the Hindu newspaper, national and international news is asked a lot in UPSC, statePCS, SSC, CGL etc., that’s why the students of UPSC, statePCS, SSC, CGL consider The Hindu as a good source.

That’s why our team has thoroughly analyzed the important news coming in The Hindu for the preparation aspirant and upload the pdf and analysis of The Hindu with the correct notes. So that you can prepare well for your exam.

You will also get help from this pdf notes in the preparation of questions asked in UPSC exam like prelims, GS-1 & 2, still if you will be provided the complete news paper in pdf form for free.

You can also read and download The hindu analysis pdf file and The hindu analysis pdf given here, which can also benefit you in the upcoming exam.

The hindu analysis pdf free notes 11 June 2023

1- World’s most expensive mango ‘Miyazaki’ showcased at Siliguri Mango festival.

The seventh Mango Festival, which is taking place in Siliguri, West Bengal, puts on display the Miyazaki mango, which is the most costly in the world.

Key Point

  • All you need to know about the Miyazaki Mango

2- Cotton in India

GS-3, Economy

Cotton in India

In India’s industrial and agricultural economies, cotton is a significant cash crop and source of fibre.

Key Point

  • Top Cotton Producing Countries
  • Cotton Corporation of India
  • Cotton Research

3- Cannabis

The WHO states that the term “cannabis” is a collective noun that refers to the many Cannabis sativa psychotropic preparations.

Key Point

  • India’s Stand and Regulations

4- Green Hydrogen

GS Paper – 2

Government Policies & Interventions

GS Paper – 3

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) predicts that by 2050, hydrogen will account for 12% of the world’s energy supply.

key point

  • Environmental Pollution & Degradation
  • By Products : Water, Water Vapor
  • Current Status Worldwide
  • Benefits of Using Green Hydrogen for India

5- Kakhovka Dam

It was constructed as a component of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station and is situated on the Dnieper or Dnipro River in southern Ukraine.


One kind of amino acid, which makes up all proteins, is taurine. Only proteins derived from animals include taurine.

key point

  • What is an essential amino acid?
  • Importance of Amino Acids

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